Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kayaking in Malta (And the merits of stay-cations)

I'm knee deep in my thesis on travel brands and Millennials (speaking of which, I love this Millennial cartoon editorial on CNN!) and I just finished writing about how the "stay-cation" trend has adversely affected the global tourism industry. But in every challenge lies an opportunity (the travel industry just hasn't tapped into it yet) and I am all about travelling more often 'at home.' 

This past weekend Mike and I did just that. We lathered on the sunblock and took a 10 minute bus ride to the seaside, renting a kayak for two and paddling around the shores of the city we live in for an hour.

We got a completely different perspective of the city than we do every day. Like have you ever seen the back of the palazzo at the Westin resort, with its strange breakwaters? Or a parasail straight above your head?

The distorted, grainy photo quality of these photos is thanks to our cheap little Coleman waterproof camera that I love because of its strange, quirky imperfections. But we're considering buying a GoPro to play around with. Do you have one? Do you like it?

And tell me, what is there to do where you live that you haven't tried out yet?
And when are you going to do it? 


  1. Hi Jess. Where did you rent the kayak from? We are part of the kayak club where we live so regularly kayak, but have never done it in Malta.

    1. Hi Annuca! We rented the kayak from one of the rental companies beneath the Corinthia hotel :)

  2. hi,
    I love our go-pro. We use it for skiing.
    Also, in answer to your question about "stay-cations" we live in BC, we've travelled around the province a lot, there is so much variety and so much to discover, from landscapes to food to culture. But we also love Europe!

    1. Hi Beatrix,

      Thanks for letting me know! I keep hearing good things about the Go Pros! BC and Europe - you're spoiled ;)

  3. Hi All, we have a little sea kayak club in Valletta, we are open for guests during the weekend and organise accompanied trips round Manoel Island, into Grand Harbour and to Sliema or St Julians!

  4. Hi,
    I'm coming to Malta on holiday soon and I wanted to do some Kayaking whilst I was there. Could you tell me roughly how much it cost for an hours Kayaking? (I'm on a budget)
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Hazel,

      Thanks for your comment! I think it was about €10 for an hour at the Corinthia Malta's water sports club in St. George's Bay (Paceville/St. Julian's area). I hope this helps!


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