Thursday, July 11, 2013

Living in a wedding world (for 40 more days)

Between planning our wedding, and writing about it in a weekly column on Grey Likes Weddings, I feel like my whole world lately is weddings, weddings, weddings. We're down to 40 days (but who's counting) and we're both getting excited, and tired. Writing about it all on GLW has been very cathartic, and connecting with other women who have gone through, or are going through, the process has been extremely rewarding.

via Grey Likes Weddings
I've been lucky to cover some interesting topics in my GLW column, and heard back from readers and fellow writers about topics both thrilling and tough. Have you had a chance to pop over and look around yet? Some of my favourite posts so far have been:

// Our two-day pop-up wedding (and the two other weddings we scrapped)
// Why we're getting a prenup
// Forget timeless, I'm having a timely wedding
// Our surprise honeymoons
// The Engaged Lady's reading list

And, for something completely not related to weddings (I am trying to save my sanity, after all) if you ever wanted to know what Malta looks like during a zombie apocalypse (because who doesn't) go see World War Z with Brad Pitt this weekend. The Israeli scenes in the movie were all filmed here in and around the capital city of Valletta. It was very cool to watch. And the movie isn't half bad either. (Well, okay, yes it is. But only half.)

Finally, I'm in Milan this weekend with a dear friend for a quick wedding-free girls' weekend. I'll be tweeting and Instagramming along the way. Follow along, and please do send me your suggestions of what to eat, see and do in the city.

Buon weekend!

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