Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I am not a student

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While I was doing my final review of my thesis before hitting 'Send' my heart started slamming in my chest: An unexpected reaction. Was I emotional about the end, or was I experiencing a sugar high from the chocolate bar I had just eaten for dinner?

I've never not been a student before. I'll be in my fifties when I reach the point that I've been out of school longer than in it. For my entire life that has been my identity. I'm good at it. Really good at it. But now that identity and perhaps my greatest strength are behind me.

I'll blame it on the chocolate bar.

But just in case that wasn't it what did you feel when you finished school? Did you ever stop missing it terribly? Do courses on Skillshare or Couresa, etc. help? Fill me in!

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  1. You submitted your thesis! Congratulations. I hope you feel as proud of yourself as you should.

    After college (university), there was a two year window in which I worked, young professional-style. I didn't not enjoy the lifestyle changd but I found myself desperate for more learning and structure. As a grad student entering my second year with only the remainder of an internship and the entirety of a thesis left between myself and the real world.. I must admit I'm nervous. I'm afraid of jumping into career that, once again, is not quite the right fit. I need to make money but I also need to make this education translate into work I enjoy. Too demanding? Probably. Fingers crossed :) I'm also sad to give up the stimulation that comes from being a student, but I think if I am to find the right job, it'll continue to keep me stimulated. Schedule-wise, though I'll miss the flexibility, I'm excited for real weekends!

    1. Thanks for commenting Danielle! If you don't mind me asking, what are you studying?

      I don't think it's too demanding, I've started the job hunt today and I'm holding onto that standard (for now, at least).

      That's a great point about the right job keeping you stimulated!

    2. Super delayed response: I'm studying Global Communications :)

    3. That sounds fascinating! What do you hope to do afterwards?

  2. I'm like you - professional student. 27 and going into my 10th year of post secondary education soon! Actually this post took me off guard. NOT being a student? Huh, what a strange thought! And then I realised it would happen for me at SOME point... and I can't even imagine it, that moment when the last paper/exam is handed in. Too surreal. I think I'm already planning to take carpentry classes after this degree, and maybe a masters in writing! Hahahaha...

  3. Congratulations Jess! What do you have planned next??

    I loved and had become so familiar with school that I was petrified when I decided to stop studying. I am happy to say I like working even more. Somehow I feel it is more applied than studying and I've been lucky to never feel like I've stopped gaining skills. I love seeing tangible results like a happy client, a successful project or praise from a boss. And it doesn't mean you have to stop studying - I adore Skillshare :)

    1. Thank you! A job, hopefully ;) I can't wait to find one where I learn and am as fulfilled as you sound in yours.

      What have you done on Skillshare?


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