Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cruising Amsterdam's Canals

Although I was determined to have a boring, relaxed honeymoon Mike had previously expressed interest in boating in Amsterdam so I went ahead and surprised him with a boat rental. 

We packed a picnic (with lots of wine and chocolate) and had the most perfect afternoon floating around Amsterdam. It was warm, but not too warm, I had a giddy captain, I was wearing my favourite dress, I fit snugly in the prow of the boat, and I had just married my favourite guy.

Warm fuzzies all around.


Since we splurged on our hotel, I cheaped out on our boat and rented from Boaty.nl.

Cons: The boats are located a little bit out of town, so to collect and return your boat you have to be organized (we got lost, twice, but the rental company was nice enough to extend our rental free of charge).

Pros: It was €99 for 4 hours, the boat was huge, electric (aka quiet), and much more comfortable than it looks!


  1. I love this Jess and will have to keep this in mind when we finally make it to AMS. Joe would love to be surprised with this!

    Also, I like the new addition to the header.

    1. Thanks Jay! It was great to get out on the water. This Atlantic Canadian misses it dearly.

  2. Looks great! I have to say it takes some courage to boat in Amsterdam, just like driving a bike there. The conditions are often busy and narrow. Boating is really the best way to see the city :)

    1. It definitely is! We didn't find the boating conditions too bad (but after driving in Malta, nothing seems bad anymore ;)

      The Boaty boats are quite slow, so we just kept to the right and let faster boats pass. Sitting in the prow of the boat I could also see around tight corners to help guide Captain Mike. And other boaters were very friendly and helpful, too!


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