Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Iceland's sorcery

It makes sense that Iceland is full of waterfalls and geysers: The country is basically one giant volcano. And these roaring falls, these hot and smelly pits, these hazy, damp, dreamy landscapes are not only what draw tourists back to this strange and wonderful country, they are its skin and pulse and breath. You'll never feel that this country is so alive, right beneath your feet, as when you stand, small and vulnerable, next to Gulfoss Waterfalls or Geyser. What a rush. (Pardon the pun.)

Gosh I miss that country. Quite likely because I live on an island that is its antithesis, but whatever the reason, it has cast one powerful spell on me.

(Coincidentally, so has that hot guy at the top of the post.)


  1. What a rush, indeed! I absolutely loved my trip to Iceland, too.

  2. Incredible! I'm dying to visit Iceland... and I'm sure I've already told you :)


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