Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My favourite place in Italy

I am super lucky to have seen a lot of Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Sirmione, Milan, Bologna, and all of Sicily. But my favourite of of all of these cities isn't Florence with its grandeur, or Rome with its potato pizza, or Milan with its killer style.

It's Siracusa's Ortigia, a tiny, ancient island hugging Sicily's southern coast, that fits me like a glove.

Perhaps because it feels a lot like Malta and all of the best parts of Italy smushed into one. It might be its creative vibes, its many ateliers and designer shops and the artwork that hangs on the streets. It could be the pistachio garnished pastas and the candied ginger and peppered chocolate. It might be the ease with which you can switch between Italian and English here, its compact size, its dog friendliness. The many universities and colleges and bicycles. It might even be the Bloody Marys and pizziola at Caffe Minerva.

Whatever the reason, the Oritigia is my favourite place in Italy.


  1. Whatever the reason... it's not surprising! I hope to visit someday.

  2. Looks pretty good to me. I'm adding it to my "Must see when in Sicily list". Thank you!

  3. I can see why it would be your favorite, the light is amazing!


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