Monday, October 28, 2013

Staying at a vineyard in Sicily

My husband, Mike, spent hours researching a vineyard to stay at in Sicily. He has assured me that it's not so easy to find a good agriturismo, since many are small, family-owned affairs with no SEO skills. But, fuelled by a love of good Sicilian reds, he persevered. And he found La Foresteria Planeta Estate

Thank. You. Mike.

La Foresteria is an estate owned by the Sicilian La Planeta vinicultural company, which has vineyards throughout the island. It has 14 intimate rooms, and is located near the La Planeta vineyards and olive groves in Menfi (you can tour both during you stay). 

La Foresteria is everything you want a vineyard/agriturismo to be, as though it has been ripped from the pages of Conde Nast Traveller.

I even caught myself marvelling at their hand towels. Their hand towels.

Infinity pool by rolling hills of vineyards and olive groves? Check. 

Gourmet restaurant and cooking lessons on site? Check.

Impeccably designed rooms with walk in stone showers and private terraces? Check. 

Mouth watering Sicilian wines? Attentive staff? Pet friendly? Turkish bath? Gym? Check, check, and check. 

We stayed at La Foresteria in October, which my fellow travellers and I agreed is probably the best month to go: Shoulder season rates, comfortable weather, and of course, the grape and olive harvest is just wrapping up.

Dinner at La Foresteria was amazing. A meal for which I, rather uncharacteristically, have no words. 

And the view from the breakfast terrace? Breathtaking.

We'll be coming back.

And Mike? You've just been nominated as the official accommodation searcher in our relationship. 


(And happy birthday. I love you.)

  • There are no vineyard or olive mill tours at the La Planeta Estates on Sundays.
  • The estate is very dog friendly, and our pups stayed free of charge. There is a 5 km bike trail nearby (it's a converted disused rail track - cool!) that is great for walking dogs, and the staff like pets, too. But if your dogs don't do well with other animals or children, this might not be the place for you: There's a friendly stray that hangs outside the estate's front gates, and there were a lot of families with very young children staying at the estate while we were there. 
  • The estate is pretty family friendly. But we did speak with a lovely German/Finnish family during our stay who complained that the on site restaurant didn't have appropriate menu items for kids (but really, what do you expect at a gourmet restaurant?).
  • For those travelling without children, the peacefulness of the estate was also often disturbed by gangs of rambunctious vacationing kids. So if you were looking for an agriturismo in Sicily for your honeymoon, and you're splurging more money than you might normally pay to stay here, you might want to keep that in mind ;)
  • Dinner is served at a huge 30 person table, but it wasn't at all weird to eat shoulder to shoulder with strangers. On the contrary, it's actually quite lovely. 
  • Bikes are provided free of charge and there is free car parking on site.

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  1. If there's been attention to detail - ie hand towels with which you marvel - it has got to be a nice place!

    Bravo Mike & a very happy birthday to you!

  2. Wow! Sicily seems to be an island of surprises. I didn't imagine there would be accommodation like this. We have to go there!

    1. You definitely should! It is nothing if not an island of surprises :)

  3. Beautiful! We stayed in one in Tuscany, between Florence and Siena, It was beautiful, too.
    La dolce vita!

  4. This. Looks. Stunning! I am so with your husband, I was so frustrated in Sardinia by the lack of internet skills meaning it's impossible for the internet generation to find anything! I can just imagine what it's like in Sicily but well done for finding this place - it is absolutely stunning. Can I get married there?!


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