Thursday, October 24, 2013

The frequent traveller's honeymoon anxiety

If one was an anxious, introspective, Type-A bride who happened to travel frequently one might worry that a honeymoon would fall flat.

Not just that one might pick the wrong destination (City or country? Tropical or cultural? Adventure or luxury?) but that it would be just another trip. That no matter what you planned or did, it wouldn't mean nearly as much as honeymoons used to, when it truly was perhaps your first trip together, your first time cohabiting as a couple.

(my favourite video from our honeymoon)

But here's the thing, dear anxious brides. That glowy, fuzzy, remarkable feeling that grabs hold of you on your wedding day sweeps right on through honeymoon. It doesn't matter if you've travelled all over the world with your partner, your first trip as a married couple is still so good.

On my honeymoon I smiled a lot. More than usual. I relaxed. I didn't balk at the cost of an expensive drink or meal. I bought Veuve just to drink in the park because, gosh darn-nit, we were celebrating! Everything felt new and novel and full of possibilities. And at the same time, it felt wonderfully normal. Travelling is my normal, so my honeymoon was the perfect transition back to real life, where my evenings weren't consumed with stationery and glitter and check lists. 

So, anxious, well-travelled brides-to-be: Sometimes all you need to ditch honeymoon/wedding anxieties is permission. And you have my enthusiastic permission (if that means anything) to ditch that honeymoon anxiety (don't worry, you'll find other wedding things to worry about).

Honeymoons are awesome. You'll love yours.

And go ahead and splurge on that Veuve.


  1. I'm so glad you posted this because I've worried about that a lot! Jurgen and I have already travelled so much together, what can we possibly do to make sure we plan a honeymoon that tops every other trip we've ever been on, ya know. It's good to know that regardless of previous adventures, your honeymoon still feels different :)

  2. It definitely does. You'll be on a natural high :)

    The countdown is on! When will you and Jurgen be married? So excited for you both :)


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