Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When in Sicily


In a phrase: A magical, ancient mountain-top town. Legend has it, you can see Tunisia on a clear day from the top.
Good for: Views / History / Food
Sleep at: La Pineta
Eat at: Monte San Giuliano (hard to find, worth the search)
Great souvenir: Busiate pasta
Pack: A sweater, even in the summer - it gets chilly at the top.

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In a phrase: Unexpected perfection.
Good for: Shopping / Food / Wandering / Relaxation
Slept at: Hotel Gutowski (our favourite) / Royal Maniace Hotel / Des Etrangers Hotel & Spa
Ate at: Osteria da Mariano (great, home style meals)

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In a phrase: A gritty, but cool, Sicilian city.
Sleep at: Ucciardhome Hotel
Eat at: Bellotero (amazing)
See: Cappella Palatina
Good for: Tourist sites / History

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In a phrase: The best preserved Greek temple in the world, in the most achingly beautiful locale. Easy to get to.
Good for: Views / History

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In a phrase: A dreamy ancient Greek city and temple complex perched over the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, surrounded by wildflowers and bumbling bees. Requires half an afternoon, at least.
Good for: Views / History / Walking / Picnics


In a phrase: Extensive, amazing Roman mosaics and villa site. A bit tricky to find.
Good for: History

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In a phrase: Picture-perfect, luxurious countryside vineyard estate.
Good for: Views / Fine dining / Relaxation / Dogs / Families
Sleep at: La Foresteria Planeta Estate agriturismo
Eat at: On site restaurant (incredible!)
Great souvenir: La Planeta wines and olive oils

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Eat atOsteria dei Sapori Perduti (great, home style meal)
Great souvenir: Modican chocolate from Bonajuto

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In a phrase: The perfect seaside Italian town.
Good for: Views / Beach / Families / Dogs
Eat at: Cafe del Molo / Osteria del Duomo (our favourite)

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In a phrase: Beach town dominated by a dramatic mountain. A (mini) doppelgänger for Rio de Janeiro.
Good for: Beach / Food / Families
Eat at: Sapori di Sicilia (have the busiate with swordfish - you won't regret it)

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In a phrase: Sicily's industrial capital.
Good for: Shopping, but you'll need a car.


In a phrase: Pretty Italian villages clinging to dramatic green mountains and cliffs overlooking the turquoise sea and the volcano of Mt. Etna (need I say more?)
Good for: Views / History


In a phrase: Home of the luxury brand outlet mall (yes, I'm talkin' Gucci). You'll need a car to access it, or you can book a free bus in advance (see Sicilia Outlet Village).
Good for: Shopping


In a phrase: This volcano spews superlatives (see what I did there?): Highest mountain in Italy south of the Alps; largest active volcano in Italy; one of the most active volcanoes in the world. 
Good for: Views / Wandering
Pack: It's windy and cold at the top (there's snow!) so pack accordingly.

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