Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My wedding: After the ceremony, Part II of II

Taking formal family photos isn't exactly what we wanted to do immediately after we were married. Popping champagne sounded like way more fun. But in hindsight, I'm so happy to have these images. We posed in every configuration of family relations possible. We smiled until our cheeks ached. 

These photos are the perfect wedding gift in and of themselves.

These people who have raised us, and without whom our wedding wouldn't have been nearly as much fun, photograph pretty well, too!

Massaging the feeling back into our cheeks, we sent our families off to a pub for some pints at Halifax's oldest hotel while we had our solo photos taken.

As we walked to the hotel to rejoin them almost every stranger stopped us on the street to offer their congratulations and compliments. Many car horns honked at us, thumbs-up sticking out of the windows as they whizzed by. City weddings are sort of the best that way.

As we entered the pub I walking in front of Mike, with my veil trailing behind me.

Suddenly I was yanked backwards by my head. 

Our 'grand entrance' was not announced by someone on a microphone. It was announced by Mike stepping on my veil in a pub full of people. It was met with applause, my face turning pink enough to match my dress, and a good round of laughter.

Another silly movie cliche. 

At the pub we munched on nachos and cheesy crap dip and watched my grandfather drink his first Caesar.

As I sipped on champagne and watched my grandmother and mother-in-law chat, my grandfather tell my father-in-law stories about growing up in outport Newfoundland, and my siblings and Mike's siblings laugh together, I could feel my world tilt a little as it occurred to me these two families were now united, in a tiny way, by the two of us.

It was all kinds of wonderful. 

Sitting adjacent to our party was a locally-famous news announcer who had been the mainstay of the 6 o'clock news since I was a small child.

At that point I decided our wedding was just about as Halifax as it could get. And when you travel 4,000 kilometres to have your wedding 'at home', that - and seeing your two families together as one, if just for a day - is all you can really ask for.



  1. All kinds of wonderful indeed :) these posts just make my day.

  2. Beautiful family photos - I particularly love the ones of you and your Grandpa!

    1. Thanks! I was so happy he could be there, it was very special to us both (as I think the photographs betray).

      Have a great weekend Jay!

  3. What a beautiful insight into your day and your family dynamic. I love how you did this and how *you* this all is… and I feel like I can say that and I don't even really know you.


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