Friday, November 15, 2013

The results are in! Did you win?

As the first responses for my reader survey came in last week I had a brief moment of panic before logging into SurveyMonkey. For a moment, I reconsidered if I wanted to stop operating in the safe bubble I've created where I don't really know what anyone thinks of this space or what I publish in it.

For about two seconds I considered never looking at the survey results. But then the curiosity - the same curiosity that propels me to write and, perhaps, propels you back here week after week - got the better of me.

First off, you guys are so nice! I'm not just saying that so you think this blog is perfect and everyone loves it. It's not, they don't. But your comments were so constructive and encouraging and, sometimes, even tear-jerking. I knew I had some pretty rad readers, but you guys blew me away during an otherwise blergh-kind of week. So, thank you for that. 

I'll be keeping the survey open for awhile so if you'd like to throw in your two cents, pop over here. 

Thank you also to all of you who entered the care package giveaway! I wish I could send one to all of you.

The winner is Donna F.! Check your inbox :)

Next week I'll be posting a fun sort of follow-up to the survey. Can you guess what it's about?

Thanks again for sticking with me through 500 posts. Here's to 500 more. 

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