Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eating at the world's oldest vegetarian restaurant

You must eat at Hiltl when you visit Zurich, and not just because the guidebooks say so.

Established in 1898, Hiltl is the worlds oldest vegetarian restaurant. And it is worth all the hype.

The restaurant has two dining options: a la carte and a buffet. I beseech you, do the buffet! With over 100 good, wholesome food items, it is vegetarian heaven. Plus, as a vegetarian it's a total novelty to be able to eat anything and everything on a buffet. Combine with a local wheat beer and I can almost guarantee a food coma: The kind where you want to put your head down on the table after your meal and nap because you are that full up with food and happiness and contentment.

Book ahead, we went to Hiltl for a late lunch but every table had a reserved sign on it for dinner
Open 4 - 11:30 pm for dinner, and all day for lunch

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