Monday, January 13, 2014

Fashion Designer Luke Azzopardi

In December I was invited by a lovely friend to attend Luke Azzopardi's bridal fashion show at one of my favourite shops in Malta, Camilleri Paris Mode.

I was entirely blow away by the collection: A strong, cohesive body of work that was impeccably tailored and hand made, based on classic lines and historical silhouettes but still managing to be modern and fresh.

I had a teensy moment of regret that I was married in 2013 and not 2014. I would have loved to celebrate in one of his creations. 

But Luke doesn't just design bridal wear. His S/S13 collection, 'Midnight in Persia', effortlessly blended light fabrics printed with historical paintings and mosaics (a la Dolce & Gabbana) with classic silhouettes. 

He also designs theatre costumes, which is perhaps unsurprising given the playfully theatrical underpinnings of his work. 

And he's younger than me, to boot. 

If you're interested in the fashion scene in Malta, or on emerging designers to watch, I strongly urge you to get to know Luke Azzopardi.

And while you're at it, a Maltese fashion blogger to watch is Daniel Azzopardi of The Devil Wears Praduh. Read him if nothing else than to see his fabulous hats.


  1. I took part in the Student Fest last year and Luke and Vivienne Bajada designed the costumes for it. Some I loved instantly, and some took time to grow on me, like the one I wore for one of the dances.

    As for fashion bloggers, I personally prefer Sandro of the Clouded Revolution's style (

    I think you'd very much like the work of a photographer friend of mine too, Julian Vassallo. He mostly creates his own work but he also photographed the show you went to. Portfolios are: and and and he's currently working on a photography diary here:

  2. Gorgeous! Do you know where one could purchase/find his bridal collection?

    1. Sure thing! You can contact Camilleri Paris Mode, or Luke directly (he has a studio in Gozo).

  3. Replies
    1. The front was sheer and covered in soft white flowers, it was stunning!

  4. ohhh bello!
    I will definitely get in touch with him when in Malta ;)

  5. oh bello!
    I will definitely get in touch with him when in Malta ;)


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