Friday, February 14, 2014

Dear husband,

I know my husband reads this blog because I see it in his Safari browser's Top Sites. So, hey Mike! Here's my semi-annual public declaration of love in honour of February the fourteenth.

The past few months I've been working on two big, cool projects (hence my radio silence lately). And I'm loving every minute of it. But, I've also been working long, busy days, without much time to give to the pups or household tasks. Mike's been keeping everything together for us, giving the dogs extra love, doing my laundry, buying groceries, making dinner, packing me lunches, cleaning the house, and working full time himself. Not only is he keeping it all together without missing a beat, by picking up my slack he gives me time relax on my off-hours.

I know that in a marriage you are sort of supposed to do these kinds of things, but to me this is all totally above and beyond. Instead of eating take out and wearing the same outfit three days in a row I am clean, well fed, and loved.

Today I warmed up my lunch that he had spent time cooking and packing for me before he went to a pub last night to catch the Canada-Norway Olympic hockey game. All morning I had watched flower deliveries come into my office - even receiving one from my rad boss - without really feeling any (much) disappointment that nothing had come from my husband. We haven't ever really done Valentine's day, anyway. But as I popped my meal out of the microwave I was, unexpectedly, almost brought to tears over my bowl of spaghetti. That hot meal he went out of his way to prepare for me the night before, and reminded me to pack this morning, was the best Valentine's gift I could ask for.

I appreciate it more than he knows.


Thanks for filling the spaces I leave behind sometimes. I think I'll keep you.

Love, Jess

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