Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'll let the photos talk.

Last month, after a rather hectic Q1, we spent a long weekend in Sicily. It was wonderfully peaceful and restorative - except for the back injury one of our too-brave-for-her-own-good dogs sustained, and a lost iPad. (Now healed, now found.)

I saw Greek temples and Roman amphitheatres and turquoise waters and trees heavy with lemons. I met more wonderfully kind Sicilians and ate more indescribably good food. I practiced my Italian. I drove fast (Malta has no highways). I read. I fell in love with a Sicilian Chardonnay. I dusted off my camera. I finished True Detective.

I returned to Malta trunk boot full of Modican chocolate, La Planeta wines, bits and bobs from IKEA,  a Sicilian cookbook and my first pair of grown-up shoes (which cost as much as a plane ticket, but luckily not at Sicily's outlet malls).

And somewhere in Sicily I found words again.

But none of the right ones to describe how breathtaking Ragusa is in the morning light -- I'll let the photos talk instead.


  1. Oh my goodness - stunning.

    Happy to hear Sicily helped you find your words. Perhaps Italy will help me find mine later this week.

  2. Wow just wow! The photos are amazing!

  3. Stunning, stunning. stunning. (Not even exaggerating, but I'm at a loss for words, too).

  4. Wonderful photos. They speak to me more than words. Grazie mille.

  5. Beautiful photos. What kind of Camera are you shooting on for traveling?

    I am headed to Sicily next week!!! Do you have one killer suggestion?!?!?

  6. Beautiful Photos. What kind of camera are you using for your travel shots?

    I am headed to Sicily next week. If you had to make one suggestion for the island what would it be?

    great blog!

    1. Thanks Austin! I use a Sony NEX 5.

      How exciting for you! My suggestion is to definitely rent a car -- the roads are in good condition and the driver's aren't too crazy, so it's the best way to see a lot of Sicily in a short time. Plus, the countryside is beautiful!

  7. Your trip sounds like it was just wonderful! I'm sure the stunning locale helped quite a bit :)


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