Friday, May 16, 2014

Insert Clever Idiom Here

Hiking up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh last month was...a learning exercise. I learned that my husband is infinitely patient. While I whined and cried and cursed my way up those 230 vertical meters he took it all in stride (literally and metaphorically).

I learned that I'm getting old. My feet are still sore, and it's been four weeks since I climbed that #(@*# hill. 

Funny story, my doctor told me to buy better shoes, Birkenstocks to be exact, so I could walk without wincing. I Googled "Birkenstocks Malta" and what comes up on the first page? My husband, and this blog. (Major face palm moment.)

I learned that dogs in Edinburgh are super duper friendly and love the grass and wild bunnies on Arthur's Seat as much as I do.

I learned, while giving an iPhone panoramic photo tutorial to an older gentleman at the top of this, that Scots are really genuinely lovely and kind.

Writing this blog post I learned that every idiom about reaching new heights, the view being worth it, etc. etc. fail to convey the agony and ecstasy that is this little slice of nature in the middle of Edinburgh. So, rather than end this blog post with one of those clever phrases it will just


Cheers to the weekend ahead!

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  1. Wow! What a hill, or should I say mountain. I'm a whinger too, especially on hills that size. Congratulations!


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