Monday, May 5, 2014

New Scotia Visits Old

A couple of weeks ago I spent a weekend in Edinburgh. I originally hail from Nova Scotia—literally, New Scotland—so I never doubted I would be drawn to Old Scotia. And drawn I was.

I crammed as many tourist attractions into our two-day visit as I could: the botanical gardens, Arthur's Seat, the castle, Holyrood Palace, Old Town, New Town, Parliament, the Scotch Whiskey Experience, and every great gastropub my husband could find. There is so much to do in Edinburgh. And I can happily report that all of the good things you hear about this city—the nice people, the lush parks, the romantic architecture, the great beers and whiskies, the alarmingly loud bagpipes, the cozy fog—really do exist.

I didn't have time to venture outside of the city except to take a wonderful train ride south to London. Now I'm looking for any excuse I can get to go back to Scotland and see the Highlands, which are just the dreamiest. 

Like many Canadians, I'm not quite sure exactly where I come from. England? Ireland? Scotland? Who knows. But if it turns out someday that I indeed do have links to this very special place, like so many from Canada's East Coast, I would be tickled pink. (Or, er, green?)

Bidh mi beò an dòchas!

(and couldn't get a bad meal if I tried!)


  1. Love this!

    I'm currently in the market for a long weekend getaway in June. Edinburgh has been on the list but it may have just risen.

    1. I think you guys would like it! There's a great combination of hiking and walking (Arthur's Seat post to come -- soooo much walking), pubs and shops, and just general prettiness all around you. And Scots are THE nicest. Definitely keep it on your list, if not for now, then for someday :)

  2. At least the weather looked nice while you were here! Since our move and especially lately with Spring's arrival- I've really been missing the Malta weather..sun and warmth LOL I've never been so pasty white in my life- even back in Canada lol. Glad you enjoyed a couple days in the city :)

  3. Just found your blog via a comment on my Youtube channel, and am LOVING it! :) I was in Edinburgh last month (I got engaged there!) and how freaking amazing are the burgers at Holyrood no.9?! I could go back to Edinburgh just for another one! We nearly ate in the Larder, but ended up at the Crafter's Barn instead. Was the Larder good? SO happy to have found your lovely blog! x

  4. Great photos, but Scotch Whiskey? Really? Americans and Irish have Whiskey, Scots (and Canadians) gave Whisky


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