Friday, May 9, 2014

Stroke of Inspiration // III

It's back! In the third edition of Stroke of Inspiration: A space age piano, a great gadget for travellers, music to listen to while you work, and an interview.

I did an interview with InterNations, a popular expat community with a thriving presence here in Malta, a few months back. If you're interested , you can pop over to read it here. 

I recently received a ChargeKey and ChargeCard from Nomad. These sleek little lightening cables are just the thing if your purse/desk/house is a constant mess of wires (that's not just me, right?) They're also great for travel. Since they attach to your keychain or fit into your wallet they're practically impossible to forget or misplace and they take up very little space. Plus, the ChargeKey is bendy! So it's hard to break. Win win win! Mike and I both love them.

My only criticism of the ChargeKey and ChargeCard that they only come in black, and I like my tech in white (or gold...or pink...) So, I thought I might hack them with some washi tape. I think Nomad should take this as a compliment: We only hack the things we really love.

Even the dude I live with likes this one and it's dead easy. Chickpeas, turmeric, greens (chard is good), pears, avocado. Just add heat. Goes great with a bold chardonnay. Recipe here (Lindsey is a beautiful food photographer, too.)

I've been listening to Bonobo's Black Sands album at work a lot recently. It's the perfect music to propel you towards calm, efficient productivity.

When I first heard about ROLI's Seaboard two years ago, my retired pianist's fingers began to itch (and my brain nearly exploded). I can't wait until the day I can trade tickling ivories for pulling music out of this space age instrument. While my student debt means I'm many years away from making an investment in a Seaboard ($2,000-$9,000 USD) a girl can dream.

What are you up to this weekend? I'm spending mine scrambling to find a flat. We just found out ours is being converted into a holiday flat so we're soon to be homeless. If you hear of a wonderful, pet friendly flat to let in Valletta (yes, Valletta! We have our hearts set on it) let me know. We're dream tenants :)


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