Monday, June 30, 2014

Feeling patriotic, more or less.

I have always felt a bit...uncomfortable about patriotism. The way it sparks conflict and division makes me uneasy. But living 'overseas' I surprise myself with the fondness I feel growing a bit bigger, year after year, for my home and native land (that's a line from our anthem). 

I wrote a whole blog post about how I feel about Canada. Everything that is good about it, why I feel so lucky to be Canadian. And then I hit delete.

Because the trouble with patriotism is that every patriotic statement I try to make comes across as a comparison to another country, implying Canada's superiority at the expense of another.

And I hate that.

Let's just say that Canada simply is and for that—for exactly where it is in 2014 and for everything that conspired in the past 147 years to make it that way—today, I am grateful.

Nothing more and nothing less.

photos from my wedding, august 2013, halifax, canada


  1. Hi Jess, We Canadians are indeed patriotic for so many reasons that most Canadians fully understand. We just tend to be humble and not overtly patriotic like some other countries. It's simply one of those differences amongst countries, cultures, etc. Like you said, it just is ... no better, no worse than anywhere else. PS: I still sing "Oh Canada!" (our national anthem) at hockey games, special events, etc., and am amazed when I look around me at how few people are singing along with me :-(

  2. Absolutely love this Jess. I have the same thoughts when it comes to patriotism... (although perhaps more divisive an issue when so many people seem to have such strong opinions about the States whether or not they actually know it... not to mention that many of my fellow Americans aren't too good at toning down that "superiority complex"...) Its always been patriotic but it has been an odd thing watching it become ever more so from abroad since 2001...


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