Sunday, June 15, 2014

I moved!

After four years (where did the time go?) of living in Malta, and five flats, we don't take it for granted anymore that our housing situation will be stable.

We knew Flat Number One was a temporary housing situation, located next to the university while I was studying there.

We loved Flat Number Two so much, with its uber modern conveniences, and would have stayed there forever had the owner not sold it.

In Flat Number Three we had a Russian singing and dancing school in the apartment above us. We lasted two months there before the noise drove us out.

In Flat Number Four we were in a neighbourhood we liked near the sea. But a month ago, lured by tales of riches, our landlord decided to convert it to a holiday apartment.

And then we found Flat Number Five, which isn't actually a flat at all. It's a studio in an old converted warehouse in my very favourite city in Malta: Valletta! And it might be my favourite home yet.

I hope we'll be here, in the oldest building we've ever called home, for a good long time.


  1. How lovely! I lived in Sliema for a year when I was in Malta, but living in the beautiful capital would just be gorgeous! No wonder snaps of Valletta have been taking over your instagram feed recently :)

  2. Great choice. Valletta is the best. We stayed 1 month there!


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