Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Three surprises!


I've done a quick redesign of The Stroke and (finally) migrated to SquareSpace.

This version of The Stroke will live on as a little time capsule, in the meantime if you visit blog-jess.com you'll automatically be taken to the new site!

Thanks for your patience while I continue squashing bugs. And please do tweet me if you find any!


I'm on BuzzFeed! Super surreal!


New hair! Shorter than ever, and saving my sanity in this crazy heat (which has me dreaming of ice cream and ice baths and trips to Iceland). Stay cool friends!

Pssst...I'm always surprised and grateful that you keep coming back here to read and talk. To stay connected with me, please follow The Stroke Blog on Bloglovin. My move to SquareSpace resulted in a teeny, tiny RSS feed issue. As a result, previous followers may have to re-follow. Sorry for any inconvenience, guys!

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